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--Providing Unique Weight Loss Solutions  --
March 29, 2007, Deerfield Beach, FL – New Line Media Solutions is pleased to announce the selection of Belly Buster Diet, Inc. for its innovative, educational television series, Pulse on America. The company will be featured in the segment  “Innovative Weight Loss Solutions” in our Healthy Home series.
Belly Buster Parties™ is a new, home party plan version of Before and After Weight Loss Clinics, a Florida-based chain of diet centers owned by Lee McCaskill, a research microbiologist from Fort Pierce, Florida.  Both the clinics and the party plan feature the Belly Buster Diet™, which is a nutritional plan written by McCaskill’s aunt, Etha Bailey, a retired registered dietitian.

Before and After Weight Loss Clinics were started after McCaskill herself had to lose weight after an illness.  She gained over 100 pounds and tried all the traditional diet plans to lose it with no success.  Bailey and McCaskill’s son, Dr. Joshua Watson, gave her the formula for the diet.  Bailey devised a low fat/low carb food plan utilizing lactose-free whey protein for snacks and Dr. Watson, a chemistry student at the time, told her which foods to leave off that would slow down the metabolism and which ones to add that would speed it up.  McCaskill took their advice and soon all of her friends wanted to know her secret.  Despite being homeless and penniless just a year before, McCaskill scrimped to save enough money to make a business of her family secrets and opened her first clinic in September 2000.  The clinics were an instant success, and McCaskill managed to open one about every six months the first four years.

McCaskill says during her six years of success in Florida with the clinics, she watched the overhead for clinics skyrocket and the rest of America get fatter.  After much thought about how she could expand nationally, McCaskill, a former Mary Kay Cosmetics director, came up with a novel idea—why not teach dietitians and others to help America lose weight by holding weight loss parties!  She theorized that by making dieting fun and convenient, more people would stick to it and by having home businesses, consultants would make much more with less overhead.
McCaskill launched her idea and founded Belly Buster Diet, Inc. in March 2006. The company helps dietitians and others interested in nutrition to own their own home-based businesses marketing the diet plan for all the weight one can lose in a year, protein snack kits, and herbal kits.  These are the same products found in her clinics.  The diet has menus with food combinations that jump-start the metabolism and utilizes protein snacks to protect from muscle loss. The biochemistry of the diet enables the body to burn fat faster and most clients lose 3-5 pounds per week.  The herbs and vitamins, many of which were formulated by McCaskill, are optional, but help optimize weight loss.

Consultants can also hold body wrap parties featuring a detoxifying body wrap that McCaskill invented, the Tropical Spa Body Wrap ™.  Most customers lose an amazing 10-20 inches with this take home, do-it-yourself  kit and use it to tighten skin as they lose their weight.

How the program works is that consultants, called Belly Buster Buddies, get others to host the fun-filled parties and invite friends, family, or co-workers to join with them for either a weight loss party or a body wrap party.  The consultants work from a “weight loss clinic on wheels™” and play a round of Belly Buster Bingo with the guests to liven things up. They service the clients that join via phone calls and emails and once per month, they have a theme party with awards, prizes and a cooking class.  For example, one recent party featured a Hawaiian Luau serving Hawaiian Pork, Tahitian Vegetables, and Virgin Pina Coladas.  Guests participated in a Hula Hoop Contest before being presented with weight loss buttons that said “I lost xx lbs./ ask me how!”  McCaskill says the Belly Buster motto is: “We didn’t invent dieting…we just made it lots more fun!” and FUN is what keeps the clients coming…and sticking to her diet plan longer!
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As featured in

What does your business do?
Before and After Weight Loss Clinics' slogan is "We didn't invent dieting....we just made it lots more fun!" We have games and prizes and rewards. We have a party once a month for our clients and have cooking classes and an annual weight loss cruise! We have also just launched the party plan version of our program, Belly Busters

When and why did you start the biz?
I started the business because I know how it feels to be overweight and fail at dieting. I was 100 lbs. overweight and nothing was working for me. My aunt and my son developed the concept for this diet and I loved helping people so much that I turned it into a business. We have a lot of things to offer that no other weight loss program has!

How Many People are in your Company?
We have 18 employees and consultants in 31 states.

Where's your office?
Our clinics are in old doctors offices--the layout is perfect for weigh-in rooms. I started on a Scottish shoe-string, using all used equipment and furniture. I asked local artist to display their artwork to fill the walls and originally let clients work for free product until I was making enough to hire an administrative assistant. I just purchased a home with a huge warehouse in the back so that I can work at a home office with storage for product and create a manufacturing facility for our body wraps.

What's the toughest part of running your biz?
The toughest part of running my business is finding the right people. People can make or break your image in a community. When clients tell me what they love about our program--they never say, "the diet"--they always say, "your consultants!"

What's the most fun part?
The most fun part for me is creating. I love dreaming up games for them or theme party ideas and new recipes. I love what I do so much that it does not feel like a job!

Anything you would have done differently?
I would not have hired "diamonds in the rough," hoping that I could polish them. Why hire a nag when you can hire a race horse and have a winner at the starting gate instead of a nag that you have to constantly pull to the finish line.

What's next on the horizon for your biz?
The next thing is developing the party plan version of the diet and opening our "weight loss cruise" to everyone, not just our clients.

What advice do you have for others?
Constantly surround yourself with other successful people (that is why I love the Idea Cafe) and invest in yourself with seminars, motivational books and speakers. Keep growing until you have NO FEAR of anything and NO CEILINGS. When that happens, YOU can do anything your heart desires!

How do you use Idea Cafe to help your biz?
I use Idea Cafe to meet other like-minded people and to see what others do about different problems they encounter in business. I like the feeling of it being a master-mind group.

School (where, still in school, degree)?
Clemson University, BS Microbiology

Prior jobs or business?
Research microbiologist, Mary Kay Cosmetics director, owner of a sign shop

Favorite Food?
Ice cream

What are your pets' names?

Is there any one person or event in your life that led you to go into business for yourself?
My mother and father were both entrepreneurs with their own businesses so it never occurred to me to work for someone else.

Anyone you publicly want to thank?
I owe much of my success to my mentor, Bob Samara. He has a course "Psychology for Success" that groomed me to think big with no fear, no ceilings. I went from being broke and homeless seven years ago to owning 7 corporations in 7 years. When you change the way you think, you change your life!



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