Introducing:  Shirley Reinhardt, Belly Buster Babe Consultant



About Shirley

 She has prior party plan/MLM experience as a marketing executive with Melaleuca.


Shirley has a very supportive husband, Richard.  She also is blessed with a 19 year old son, Barret and a 32 year old daughter, Misty and has 7 grandchildren.  


Shirley has already started on the Belly Buster Diet and is working to eliminate those unwanted pounds!


Shirley has been a chef at her daughter's cafe and has also owned a mattress and home cleaning service.


This is what attracted me to Belly Busters:

» The ground floor opportunity. 


» Belly Busters is different from any other weight loss program I have seen, and they have Body Wraps.


» The opportunity to show people they really can have fun losing weight.


Please visit our site:  Belly Buster Diet, Inc.







        Shirley Reinhardt


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Please visit our site:  Belly Buster Diet, Inc.